Monday, April 14, 2014

Designer Rework Project: Mixed Materials

Fringed Jewels Project - Bracelets Redone

I am an avid fan of cuff bracelets. While I love the look of resin bracelets, I rarely wore the two that I owned.

Resin tends to crack easily and the bracelets react to body heat ... A cuff that

  1. Feels like it might crack when you put it on, and
  2. Has a tendency to expand as you wear it, definitely is not a good thing.

However, I still loved the artistic blend of the colors in my bracelets. Every time that I looked at them, I felt the urge to do a rework like the need to scratch a new mosquito bite. I had a leather and a feather/metal cuff that could use some extra oomph, so I decided to dive in and pull out my old jewelry saw. Below are the results.

Mixed Skirts

Although I really liked my color-blocked P.A.R.O.S.H skirt, I wasn't the biggest fan of the position of the coloring ... It drew the eye to the hip and thigh area.

I decided to control this effect by combining the skirt with another skirt to add vertical lines to the color-blocking. The Neuvas Tendencias de Caramelo skirt that I selected had a fishtail back as well as lace designed to hang lower and peek through the back slit. This increased the vertical lines even more. Below is the final result.