Friday, April 18, 2014

Adding Instant Glam with Gilded Accents

Gilded accents instantly up the glam factor with a nod to Old Hollywood. I love how these accents also add a worldly touch. The added bonus is that such pieces are actually quite functional. See the examples below.

I nested a Moroccan mirror with a gilded, etched mirror. I also love the gilded trim on the neck of the diamond-cut decanters, the jewelry box and the vintage cherub-topped perfume bottle.

I like to add a little glam to my daily routine. The rosette-topped clock, and the vintage beveled glass and brass powder jar, that I use with a feather powder puff that sits on its own pedestal stand, are nice indulgences.

I also am addicted to the dainty, yet sophisticated look of vintage jewelry boxes ... hence the collection below.

In summary, I love interiors. I would spend hours of my childhood summers with my dad's interior design books. Decor celebrates living artfully and stylishly; it's the essence of glamour. My love of decor is just as strong as, if not more than, my love of fashion.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the below interiors book in lieu of the typical Parisian souvenir. I've shared some of my favorite pictures...