Monday, March 24, 2014

My Latest Fashion DIY Rework Challenge

I admit that I have a lot of clothes. It's amazing how often I find pieces that I totally forgot I owned.

I've now developed a habit of occasionally shopping in my closet to review what can be given to charity, discarded or reworked ... Items that I really like, but have rarely or never worn. 

I do like the challenge of trying to rework those items that were never/rarely worn, aka "Bermuda Triangle pieces", into things that I can't wait to wear.

My latest challenge involves two turquoise tops:
  1. A printed J.Crew camisole that was a little too fitted and commonly typical in style, and
  2. An Ellen Tracy silk tie-neck blouse that was a pretty color but dated and, frankly speaking, a bit boring.
I decided to combine them; to make a floaty empire-waist top. The color is vibrant and the style is whimsical.