Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beauty & Makeup: My Best Black Liquid Liner Quest

I find it a little frustrating that there is a limited range of makeup choices sold in the states ... That I must search online to find a larger selection of colors than what's sold in Sephora, MAC or Saks.

I like my liquid liner to be the darkest black. Why do I prefer liquid liners? Pencils need an emollient for a soft, smooth application. That emollient, combined with oily skin equal inevitable smudging.

The standard blackest black in the states is not the same abroad. It seems that companies are more sensitive to the diverse tastes of their audience in Italy, Asia and the UK. It is a good thing that the web makes shopping for what you want so much easier.

Now I admit, I haven't tried every item I've read about. Here is my opinion on the ones that I have tried:

Marc Jacob's Magic Marc'er glossy liner - the blackest liner I've found in the States. It's waterproof but since it's a felt applicator, it dries out quickly ... Constantly buying new liners every two months at $30/liner can become expensive.

Pupa's (Europe) Glossy liner is glossy black liner that's waterproof, a good inky black and a more affordable alternative to Marc Jacobs. It has a "perfumey" smell so it might not be best for those with sensitive eyes. This particular product is being discontinued.

Like I said earlier, I haven't tried them all. I know that Rimmel UK and L'Oréal also have glossy "extreme" black liners that are not sold in America. I have tried L'Oréal's complementary Lash Architect glossy mascara ... However, I must that I wasn't that impressed with it (It dried to a matte finish.).

Maybelline's (UK & Asia) glossy black liner. This one is supposed have 10 times more pigment.

I can't confirm that the pigment's that intense, but it is definitely the blackest black and glossiest liner I've ever seen ... I'm talking about an ultra diva glam deep black liner here with a gloss that reflects light like a spotlight is shining on tar.

Other Benefits: The brush is very fine so you can easily create an ultra thin line. Even with the cost of shipping internationally, the price is much cheaper (I found it in the price range of $9-12.). This liner is also waterproof. Bottom line: I'm loving it!