Friday, January 3, 2014

Forget Resolutions, Pursue Your Dreams

Happy 2014!

Why do I say forget resolutions? I believe that resolutions are not designed to truly enhance your lifestyle ... They are essentially short-term, quick fixes with the expectation of you eventually quitting. Why bother when you can just invest your energy in going after your dreams?

Avinash Kaushik, Consultant and Analytics Evangelist for Google, recently wrote a blog post about achieving a balance of passion, money and work. In this post, he explains that the goal is to make your life an overlapping, balanced intersection of:
  • Passion - What you are passionate about,
  • Work - What you do, and
  • Money - A blend of what you and your company/business value.

Instead of making resolutions, I prefer to periodically review my goals and choices (briefly, to acknowledge the accomplishments and learn the lessons from my mistakes without getting caught up in the past), revise my goals, if needed, and plan the next steps.

My passion is to celebrate the beauty of creativity. This passion was influenced by my childhood ... My father was a high school librarian with an undergrad degree in music. My childhood was comprised of:
  • Saturday mornings consisting of his music sessions and chores ... My dad either played his classical pieces on the piano or turned to his musical collection that spanned the classical, opera, rock, gospel and soul genres.
  • Summer book reports - My dad also felt that I never read enough of the summer reading selection he supplied, hence the mandatory book reports (Ironically, I grew to love reading.).
  • Creative students - My dad often took struggling creative students under his wing ... He would display their art, feed dancers, offer advice, tutor...
  • The arts - My parents took me to plays, concerts, the ballet, etc.
My semester in France, particularly when I lived in an international dorm in Paris, studied at La Sorbonne and met people from many different cultures, just rounded out this passion.

Fashion & the Steal is an expression of this passion for creativity, the internet and social media. Of course, it also was a form of self-prescribed therapy for my shopaholic tendencies ... I'm just keeping it real.

My work as a SEO Analytics Lead for an eCommerce agency allows me to focus on the business side. I identify and dig into possible trends in website/social media content and traffic, customer engagement, and sales. I am tasked to provide insights and added value, suggest strategies, and demonstrate return on investment.

I love to learn and think outside of the box. I am encouraged to do just that; look for opportunities and how can something be done better.

Is my balanced intersection perfect? No, but it is definitely moving in the right direction. A mantra that stayed with me from my sorority pledging days is, "You have not because you ask not." I modified it a little ... "You must make opportunities by asking, planning and preparing for them."

Why not channel your energy into preparing for your opportunity?