Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why I Love Marc Jacobs' Liquid Liner & Mascara

I first tried the liquid eyeliner pen (titled Magic Marc'er Precision Pen) after getting an update from Sephora.

The color is Blacquer and the reviews were good ... Long-wearing. tear and smudge-proof, and the glossiest, blackest black. Well, I too fell in love. Here's why:
  • The color is the blackest black that I have ever found ... And I've done some searching.
  • The pigment also has a glossy finish while the liner dries to an almost matte-like feel.
  • It does not irritate my super-sensitive, allergy-prone eyes. Most liner has me tearing like someone hurt my feelings, especially if there is the slightest breeze outside. I have been pleasantly dry-eyed with this liner unless the weather forecast includes wind gusts.
  • This liner stays put even when my eyes water from being outdoors in the wind ... As long as I'm careful not to rub it off (I've found that no eyeliner can make it through tears and rubbing.).
  • The felt pen comes to a very fine point, but is surprisingly soft ... I can do the super skinny line that thickens my top lashes (and works with my recessed eyelids) as well as the thicker line for the outer corner of my lower lashes to accentuate the almond shape of my eyes.

I now needed a mascara that was as dark and as glossy as the liner. When you user a lighter mascara, the eye is drawn to the lashes, but it's because they're oddly lighter. I decided to try the mascara despite the mixed reviews because I care more about color than volume.

I've done my research and know that a glossy mascara rarely provides volume ... volumizing mascaras contain powder (which mattes out the color) to thicken the lashes. I prefer gloss and and added length.

I must admit that the texture of this gel mascara is thick and truly liquid gel-like, but the color perfectly matches the liner and is waterproof ... Important when you have sensitive, watery eyes. So for me, the mascara was another hit.

Photos courtesy of Sephora