Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Latest, Favorite Reworked Designer Pieces

Alterations are known to make a great difference in how well your clothes fit and flatter. I have a habit of taking it a step further. I never hesitate to put my own personal spin on my finds. Designer or not, if I think a tweak or two will make me love & reach for that piece even more, I'll do it.

Here are a couple of examples...

Example 1: This Allan Schwartz for ABS bubble hem dress is very cute. However, I rarely wear dresses. I am just more comfortable pairing tops with pants or pencil skirts.

I decided to convert the dress into a high-low top (The front is hip-length, while back is lower-thigh length.). The bubble hem adds even more drama to the high-low draping. I simply pinned it up to get the desired effect and then hand-sewed it. I am totally in love with it now.

Example 2: The Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti top below is very lovely, but I rarely wore it as it is quite sheer and needs to be layered with an elegant tank. The top is a wrap/halter, floaty style ... The shoulder straps and the belting in the front are actually part of the same long strips of material.

First, I split the sides to add to the float-factor. To get more wear (because I love the colors and feel of the silk) I simply tie a couple of knots in it and wear it as a scarf in the cooler seasons. I have received many compliments for my "scarf".

I first got into tweaking, in college, when I decided to cut and fray the hem of jeans that were too long. I would use sharp cuticle scissors to fray the hem, then put the jeans in the dryer to exaggerate and fluff up the fraying.

My habit of personalizing items to better suit my taste has included bleaching/dyeing tops & bags, combining skirts, cutting/sewing shoes, adding draping details & insets to jackets.

Most of my tweaks were done by hand, but I have used my sewing machine as well.