Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why I Buy Jewelry from Emerging Designers on Etsy

I love the idea of supporting emerging craftsmen and budding entrepreneurs on Etsy. I have found amazing unique products there ... Art, beauty/bath cremes, even amazing treats prepared by a talented dessert artisan trained at the Cordon Bleu.

Thanks to Etsy, I have accumulated a treasure trove of stunning jewelry. I love that I found so many special, hand-crafted pieces, all with unique influences that make them exquisite.

Here are my favorites that I reach for often...

Leather, Feather-Cut Necklace ... The leather is buttery soft and has the fluttery movement, like a real feather.

I have several of these semi-precious gemstone earrings in post and dangle styles.

These dragonfly earrings are funky and cute.

I love that these bracelets are made from antique silver forks.

This necklace is made from chandelier and watch parts.

I've had this button necklace for a few years now and still love to sport it.

I do love the look of this snakeskin cuff.

These leather and silk rope necklaces have become one of my signature accessories.

This bracelet is made from chainmaille.

Vintage lace covers a silver cuff

I also just had to get this lace covered '50's clutch

Another clutch that I fell in love with...