Friday, May 3, 2013

Very Unique Handmade Bags by Blot of London

I discovered these two unique bags by Blot of London and just had to share. I was fascinated by the fringe on the clutches ... The fringe is made with human hair.

Velyne Clutch Bag

Fringe Clutch Bag

I contacted Xavier, the label's designer, to learn what inspired these creations...
"Living in London for three years now, I have been inspired from many different places and styles. The idea of the Human hair came to me as an evidence to make the exclusive experience even more personal. Indeed, you can actually treat it the same way you would treat your own hair, straighten it, curl it, blow dry it, cut it...

The hair received the same treatment as hair extensions, it is 100% natural.
You should give it the same care as you would give to your own hair. If it gets dirty, you can wash it with your shampoo, add some conditioner for a shiny finishing. Brush it to keep it clean. "

Both bags are made of leather and come with an internal strap. You can also have them customized just for you. Xavier sent me pictures of two custom order versions of the Velyne Clutch Bag.

See more of the Blot of London collection at or on their Facebook Page.