Thursday, May 30, 2013

Insider Access: Stunning Hand Painted Bags by psnob

psnob clutch

These bags are a beautiful, functional example of wearable art ... They are striking and, the added bonus is, each bag is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Artist Rebecca Robinson is the genius behind the hand painted bag label, psnob (person with extraordinary sense of individuality). Rebecca's art can easily stand on its own, but I totally love how she transformed it into the perfect blend of art meets fashion.

Rebecca was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions...

Q: What inspired you to create these bags?
RR: I was inspired to create the handbags because I wanted an alternative to just showcasing my artwork in galleries. By creating artwork that is then transformed into "handbags", it allowed my artwork to be seen anywhere and my artwork could travel around the world.

psnob clutch interior view

Q: I see that you use a sealed acrylic (Nice!) on canvas. Do you plan to experiment with other materials in the future?
RR: The artwork is sealed with a coating that took me two years to create. It is a patent pending acrylic coating that protects the artwork; prevents cracking and discoloration. It also gives the handbags a leather like texture. When you touch the handbag, you can feel all of the brush strokes and the special characteristics of the painting.

I always experiment with other materials and I plan to do specialty collections based on new raw materials in the future. I also plan on expanding the psnob brand into other products, i.e. jewelry, apparel, cosmetics, etc.

psnob art1

psnob art 1 clutch

psnob art2

psnob art2 clutch

Rebecca believes in giving back. She has partnered with a number of charities through psnob's donation program, “Collage for a Cause”.
"I also recently launched an anti-counterfeiting campaign titled "Stop Fashion Fraud". I believe psnob has come along just in time for those who appreciate exclusivity and originality. My mission is to encourage others to invest in authentic products and learn more about the damages of counterfeit goods."

Go to Stop Fashion Fraud, for more information and to show your support.

Insider Access: psnob is currently offering a custom, made to order "Clutch Wallet". Pick your own colors and artwork style. Rebecca will create the artwork based on your choices and create your custom ordered bag. To place an order, go to Custom Clutch

Rebecca in her studio