Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Insider Access with Celebrity Jewelry Designer Rob Bacon

Rob Bacon is a jewelry designer on the rise. He has worked with several celebrities and has a fabulously hectic calendar that includes photo shoots in New York, LA, Paris, Brussels and Australia.

One look at Rob's work and you can understand why. He cites Alexander McQueen as a major influence. I definitely can see those influences in his style ... I like to call it couture edge with a touch of punk rock.

Rob is clearly very talented. I love that he is also refreshingly grounded and approachable. He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions...

Q: How did you get into jewelry design?
RB: I've always been an artist at heart and have been in love with high fashion. I started in 2008 when I was visiting a friend who was working on beading jewelry. Since then I've been inspired to create designs that pushed the typical style. I like to design bold pieces for editorials that feel like wearable art.

Q: What’s your typical day “on the job” like?
RB: I have a wonderful room that I keep all of my supplies in my home. I like to grab supplies and bring them into my living/dining area so I am exposed to more of my own open environment.

Some of my favorite designs have not been planned; I gather stones, crystals, leather and chains and sometimes let them create themselves. When working on a photo shoot, I truly love working with all kinds of people. Each shoot inspires me to grow and push limits for my next photo shoot.

Q: What influences/inspires you when you create a piece?
RB: The inspiration that I get comes from seeing my work in editorials. Of course making money is ideal, but my passion is truly seeing my work published. When I design, I tend to go bold, big and edgy. This with the mix of haute couture brings a fresh feel into fashion jewelry.

A photo from Rob's NYC photo shoot - by Yulia Rock, Editor-in-Chief of FabEgoMagazine.com

An influence for me from another designer would be Alexander McQueen. I love his daring and avant garde approach to his creations.

Q: What’s your favorite career experience?
RB: Just recently I've had the great opportunity to have Eila Mell, author of "New York Fashion Week: The Designers, the Models, the Fashions of the Bryant Park Era" and "Project Runway: The Show That Changed Fashion" be in my photo shoot wearing my designs. She was absolutely fabulous to work with and a caring person. We had so much fun working together that we will be shooting together again.

Rob styling author Elia Mell
Q: Do you have favorite materials that you prefer to work with?
RB: I love working and collaborating natural and faceted stones with leather and chain. To me, it's a great balance of materials and is a reflection of me. Finding rare or unusual stones excites me and offers my clients a unique one-of-a kind design.

Q: Do you have a new project in the works that you can talk about?
RB: So far in 2013, my team and I have shot in NYC, and have other photo shoots in LA, Paris, Brussels and back in Australia. I will also be focusing on my website, http://www.robbacon.com/ & Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/BaconGallery to sell retail and wholesale. I've had huge responses to see my brand in stores nationally and internationally.


Photo by Redtown

Photo credits: Forest scene by Redtown. Multi-City background shot & photo of Rob Bacon by Yulia Rock.
All other style photos by Jeremy Byrd