Saturday, December 1, 2012

In the Pink

The color pink often gets a bad rap ... usually because it's been overused for little girls and their bedrooms.

Although I wear/use pink in limited amounts (mostly as accents), I am one of those "girls grown up" who never fell out of love with the color. It can brighten a typical and "run of the mill" look by adding a nice punch of color.

Pringle of Scotland sweater

Unique, "minimal with a twist" creations by emerging designer Cecilia Washburn

Funky, bold styles by emerging designer Sabine Ducasse

Cellini top - The print makes me think of Westwood and Galliano

I love this acrylic abstract by Popthebubbly on Etsy

I also fell in love with this powder puff - by PowderPuffEmporium on Etsy

Hand dyed silk scarf

Pink topaz pendant