Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Temptations and Indulgences

I am an admitted shopaholic. I started this blog as part of my self-imposed 12-step program.
The original idea was to write about fashion to curb my tendencies to over-shop.

It has worked to some degree. I don't "go over the edge" as much as I did in the past. I have also become more selective in my purchases ... I now seek out those special pieces that celebrate my deep love of gifted craftsmanship.

I now prefer creative, investments with unique details, edgy elegance and functional comfort ... I call it Glam & Cush.

Below are a few cush pieces that recently caught my eye.


Antique Perfume Bottle
Fairchild Baldwin "O" Bag in Chocolate Curly Fur
 Fairchild Baldwin "O" Bag in White Stamped Iguana


Moschino Cheap and Chic