Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My First Online Purchase of Eyeglasses

I gave up the vain idea of wearing contacts when I first started creating and reviewing analytical reports on customers/sales, web traffic and social media.

I'm near-sighted and it was a total nightmare trying to read the data in the spreadsheets with a prescription for distance only. Since I really loved analytics, I just started wearing my backup glasses all of the time.

Recently, I decided to try out the website Firmoo for the following three reasons:
  1. Great prices - Every frame I was drawn to was under $30.
  2. Memory metal frames - I have a history of breaking the stems of my glasses, so this was very appealing to me. 
  3. FYI - Firmoo also carries memory plastic frames
  4. I also loved one particular pair of semi-rimless, memory metal frames.
I ended up ordering two pairs; the primary pair, for distance, in addition to a cute, two-toned pair of computer glasses, designed to reduce the eyestrain I get from looking at the screen for long periods.

The support team was awesome ... So helpful and responsive. I felt like I found a new friend ... I basically had a clueless moment. You can even upload your prescription to avoid any errors in entering the prescription. 

To check out their selection of glasses, go to Firmoo.