Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insider Access: Sylvie de Gil, Founder of Jomsy Consulting

Sylvie de Gil started Jomsy Consulting in 2010, in her Beverly Hills design studio. The mission of Jomsy Consulting is to help young designers successfully launch their label. Paris born, Sylvie has the global fashion background to do just that. She has worked in Latin America, Canada and Australia as an independent designer and public relations specialist.

Jomsy's client list includes Edita Collection, Jinny Jean and Caroline Monick. Caroline Monick has designed a dress for Brittney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour, as well as a dress for Miss Arizona 2012, for the Miss USA 2012 pageant.

Sylvie wearing the Jomsy ankle bracelet

Sylvie has also launched products under the Jomsy label. The Jomsy leather ankle bracelet has been featured in Teen Vogue and LA Fashion Magazine. 

I have a bracelet in a metallic silver ... I think it fits perfectly with flowing maxis and metallic, strappy sandals, or paired with cropped, slim pants (like Sylvie is wearing in the picture).

The bracelet is lined with incredibly soft calf leather, for extra comfort ... I actually said "Oooh!" when I first put it on. The feel is what I'd call lush luxe.

Sylvie is in the production stage with the Jomsy bag, which is "in works" to be sold at one of the large upscale retailers.

To learn more, go to Jomsy.