Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hot Emerging Designer Label: 0770luglio1970

Costume and fashion designer, Enzo Pirozzi and photographer, Irene De Caprio are the creative geniuses behind the fashion label 0770luglio1970. Their designs are not just edgy. They are well-crafted pieces of theatrical construction.

My immediate reaction was "Wow!" ... I have a strong love of the visual and this label doesn't disappoint. The models appear to be merely embellishments in the artistic presentation. The garments have the strength to stand on their own. They are designed with a dramatic cut and have the strong visual impact to make a striking impression.

The collections are essentially monochromatic ... Fall/Winter 2011/2012 is primarily black, Spring/Summer 2012 has variations of nudes. Despite the monochromatic palette, these creations are definitive and stunning.

The designers state their inspiration comes from "literature to photography, from theater to painting, but the study of socio-cultural youth movements". Their goal; "to create a fashion that goes beyond the patterns imposed".

0770luglio1970's accessories line is a perfect match for the clothing. These pieces will capture attention on their own merit ... Whether they are worn with the collection or with a basic tee and jeans.

To see more, go to 0770luglio1970.