Monday, July 30, 2012

Designer Label to Watch: Baharat

Fashion designer Kinga Földi officially launched her label Baharat in 2007. Kinga designs wedding dresses, evening/cocktail dresses and haute couture. She is also a theatrical costume designer.

However, Kinga doesn't just design clothing. She likes to create the complete look; designing the jewelry, bags, and headdresses as well ... She's even designed lamps.

Kinga's creativity and technique is amazing and vast in style. I sensed a distinct nod to the glam of the '20's in her cocktail and evening dresses, which is totally different from her haute couture and wedding dresses.

She clearly likes to infuse historical touches into both types of dresses. However, Kinga references the latter part of the baroque era with her wedding styles. These dresses possess the full-on, key old world elements; ruffles and corsetry. Yet they are done in a way that has a subtle, feminine feel rather than the overt sexiness that is typical when designers incorporate baroque styling.

Kinga shares her inspirations and more:

What are your favorite materials to use?
My favourite material is silk, I use every type of it. This is the most perfect fabric for wedding and evening dresses. It is cold when the weather is hot and keeps you warm, when it's cold outside.

It has such a fine and natural shine, which can’t be imitated by artificial fabrics. I like to use every type of it, the wispy chiffon, paper-like dupion and the heavy duchesse. My favourite one is the dupion, which really behaves like paper, and can be used to create fancy surfaces.

What are your sources of inspiration?
I have two main sources of inspiration. I have a strong subconscious affection for asian cultures. That’s why I chose an arabic word to be my brand name. Baharat means spice, which is colourfull, tasty. It has an impact on our senses.

The other source is more european, the world of the rococo dresses, with their theatrical frills, the hedonism and the overemphasizing of the material world.

Who is your customer?
My customer is the woman who works in creative fields, for whom being unique and special is essential. She is not affraid to differ from current trends.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion design?
First I designed accessories, bags and jewels. I later decided to design dresses. I graduated from the University as woven textile designer, but already had some detours towards dresses ... As a textile designer, I always liked to play with the surface of the fabric. Then I created three-dimensional objects. These objects came alive and began to move. That's how I found myself designing dresses.

"I think the most characteristic thing about my work is the use of traditional and individual techniques, which shape the surface of the fabric. I use origami, pleating, lamination and bobbin lace making.
I’m also planning to design a luxury pret-a-porter collection."
To see more of Kinga's designs, go to Baharat.