Friday, June 22, 2012

My Major Digital Marketing Discovery: An Issue with Mobile Access of Tabs on Facebook Pages

Thanks to my web marketing and content background, I am a big fan of testing links ... I usually test new links in multiple browsers. Today, in HootSuite, I decided to test a link I created for one of the Tabs on my Facebook page. To my great surprise, it loaded an error message.

Now, I knew the link was valid. I tested it via Safari and Chrome before I posted it. I then tested the link in the Facebook app. I got the same error message. I dug further, my Facebook page loads but shows only the default Facebook tabs; Wall, Info and Photos.

I then thought it might just be my app ... I'm mot a major company spending major bucks on marketing. So I checked Gucci, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana. Sure enough, their tabs also do not show in mobile apps.

Imagine having a major contest or show on a tab. You market it via social media. Then imagine the impression you make on anyone who tries to access that tab via a mobile social media app; Facebook, Tweetings, HootSuite, etc. ... an error message. Further testing showed that although the tabs for the "big guys" don't show on the mobile apps, they can code their links to work.