Thursday, June 21, 2012

Insider Access: Emerging Media & Fragrance Mogul Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith

The entrepreneurial spirit of Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith seems limitless. He has a history of creating his own opportunities. Smith first started building the Everyday the Brand empire when he wrote and produced two plays. He soon followed the plays with Everyday Radio, a popular internet radio station and the online magazine, Everyday Magazine.

Jay Everyday's latest venture is the fragrance, Everyday For Women. He created it to "give back to some of the 'Everyday' women that I’ve encountered such as my mother, my sister, my aunts and my grandmothers".

Smith was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about the fragrance:

What motivated you to celebrate the women who influenced you with a fragrance?
I was motivated to show my love and admiration to the women in my life such as my mother, my sister, my aunt's, My grandmothers and cousins. They all have played an instrumental part in my life and though they are not celebrities to the world; they are great "Everyday" Women to me like so many others that go unrecognized.

I was also moved by the challenge of being creative and jumping at the opportunity to offer a new and fresh idea and vision to the market.

What is your vision of the woman who wears it?
My vision of the "Everyday" woman that wears the fragrance sums up to me as someone who is Simple, Clean and Magnificent. Now this woman can be your "Everyday" blogger, the receptionist, the registered nurse, the single mother who attends every parent teacher association meeting or even the school bus matron. We have so many "Everyday" women that are out here making great contributions to our world; whereas we cannot just pinpoint one.

How long did it take you develop it and how did you decide on the price point?
The process of developing the fragrance took a few months to get it exactly to where we were happy. It took a lot of sampling on different friends and potential consumers to gauge the strength and length. The desire to get the right trusted opinions is very key and you couple that with the different body chemistry that everyone possess.

My price point was determined early for me based on the demand that I encountered for the unreleased product by those same consumers and potential retailers we sampled with during the birthing stages, plus the restraint of online availability only during start-up, and I also utilized the press coverage, built from being in gift bags at the 2012 Oscar's (Academy Awards) and BET's 2012 Rip The Runway, to go with the expected taxes and government regulations to set a fair dollar amount.

How do you balance it all?
I honestly leave it all to God. I just look to keep God and my sons, Kyree and Tristan, my priorities.

Everyday For Women is currently in the "in works" stage for retail distribution. To learn more about Jay Everyday, The Everyday Brand, or buy direct, go to Jay Everyday.

Photo Credit: PhotosByKai