Saturday, March 17, 2012

New, Hot Fashion/Interiors Apps

I have become addicted to my iPad (I have the iPad2 and haven't found enough reasons to justify an upgrade yet).

What I love is the ability to easily zoom. I also love the idea that I can keep all of my digital purchases ... I could always get a digital upgrade if I ever ran out space.

I'm very happy that the selection of apps for fashion/interiors magazines and books is continuously growing in numbers as well as in the interactive features included.   Here are my latest favs...

Yes, Vogue has now released the app.  It loads into iPad's Newstand. Although I am a print subscriber I love getting the latest issue ASAP via the app. You can subscribe to the digital version only or, if you already have a print subscription, get free digital access. Vogue will also give you the option to download any magazine updates.

This app is from the publishing house TeNeus, the same publishers of the eBook app Living in Style Paris. This app features the rooms from the world's top hotels. Classic elegance, modern coolness, outdoors brought inside, zen retreats, island escapes ... you'll see it all here.  I've already selected a major list of favorites and I still have a good deal more to see.

I am a die-hard fan of FTV. I was very excited to discover that Dish Network brought the channel back, under it's international basic programming ... Although you can always follow via YouTube or the internet, I preferred the channel. I am kinda loving the format of this app ... You can log in, pick which type of videos you want to watch and more. Oh yeah, the iPad app is in HD.

i-mad is the iPad version of Le Figaro's magazine Madame Figaro. It has nice interactive features, great styles and very informative content ... Per i-mad, many celebrities are paid to sit on the front row at designer shows. It totally makes sense, however I never even thought about it. It must be great to be a celebrity, if, that is, you can get over losing your privacy.