Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Investing in Quality

Gone are the days when I shopped the trends and the “for now” deals. As a real grown up, I want to invest in items that bring true value and joy. I prefer to enrich my lifestyle and celebrate my love of art.

Now, I must admit that I, like many, have financial limitations.  However those limitations will never curb my appreciation of well-crafted works of art. I do love the beautifully-made, unique pieces that I tend to just stumble upon. It’s a weakness that I can’t cure. Frankly I don’t want to cure it.

Well 1stdibs.com took my penchant for the unusual to a new level. Be warned, this site will make the covet factor go extremely high … like off the charts.

Chado Ralph Rucci Alligator & Animal Print Silk Dress 

Shop their selection of  exquisite gems worldwide or explore the local finds near you. Their weekly Introspective magazine provides updates on special showings at galleries and museums. You can also attend 1stdibs@NYCD's Shopping Saturdays, hosted in the New York Design Center every Saturday from 10am-5pm.

Check out the selection below of just a few of my favorite items and you’ll understand why.

French Gold Abstract Ring

“Frost” sculpture by artist Luka Fineisen

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond "Lachrymosa" Mask for amfAR 1993 

Industrial Table by Illana Goor

“Nature Painting” by artist Keith Tyson

Laddie John Dill Coffee Table

My selections are a tiny portion of the vast finds the site features. Visit 1stdibs.com. You won't regret it.