Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Thrill of Getting Show Invites

I can still remember my first invite to a fashion show. It was for the Paris show of Ont Front; a menswear label that combines beautiful old-world, Bespoke, Savile Row-style tailoring with funky, modern touches. The show was sponsored by Gaspard Yurkievich.

I was sooo excited. Not because I felt fabulous or was a diva (I subscribe to the school of thought that true fabulousness comes from what appears to be a rare gift these days ... class & treating others with respect), but because I love beautiful things and really love seeing creativity.

Gifted creativity touches me. When it does, my eyes pop and I just think, "How does he/she/they come up with that? I'm witnessing a true gift."

I have this same reaction with beautiful art, furniture, music, and dance. I am an appreciator ... I am energized by experiencing art.

I still get excited with each invite/evite I receive. This season stared with one from Pringle to an event at Central Saint Martin's and has included Melbourne Fashion Week, Washington, DC's Latin Fashion Week.

My first Milan evite of this season came from Gucci (they always seem to be scheduled first). Below is the what they also sent me to share with you:

Women’s spring summer 2012 fashion show LIVE
milan, september 21st at 9 am EST - To see the show in real-time log on to:
Connect via webcam with fans from around the world, chat live on Facebook and Twitter, and see the action unfold as it happens from four different cameras, all of which you control.
Plus follow us on Twitter as we give you a special peak to what really happens backstage:

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