Thursday, July 28, 2011

Standout Designers in Paris Haute Couture Fashion

I've always been a fan of Dior & Gaultier... the pieces are productions of fabulous drama.  On Aura Tout Vous is the essence of imaginative artistry.  The Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Armani collection featured several pieces I would love to wear.

However, my love is to focus on the relatively new labels showing at Haute Couture.  You get the wonderful experience of emerging designers that are coming into their element in the most sophisticated fashion shows.

Stephane Rolland, a designer whose work I'm starting to recognize did not disappoint.  Other designers that caught my eye ... Julien Fournié, YiQing Yin, Iris van Herpen and Maxime Simoëns.

Julien Fournié

 Maxime Simoëns

YiQing Yin

photos above courtesy of

Iris van Herpen