Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stunningly Beautiful Works of Art

I discovered Calabarte through one of the interior design zines I follow.  These pieces are so amazing that I just had to reach out to the talented creator Przemek. Przemek Krawczyński is from Poland and manually crafts these stunning one-of-a-kind pieces.  I definitely am obsessing about these.

Here's some background info from Przemek:
"Gourd lamps are my passion and work. I absolutely love what I do. Take a look on my galleries....

The gourd is an annual tropical vine originating in Africa and Asia. Its dried, lignified fruits are used for various decorative as well as practical purposes. My lamps are made from this unique fruit through a process of manual perforation and framing.

Wholly natural materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship allow for unusual effects. In each interior they create a unique atmosphere, which makes it possible to enjoy light in more than just pragmatic terms.

As the shape of the fruit is determined by nature, and the framing created manually, each lamp is one of its kind.

I want to make extraordinary lamps for people who appreciate original, exceptional things, highest quality, precision and caring for details."

The lamps are made in either a stand, hanging or bracket/sconce style.  I love how they look like art when the light is off. And then they look like an art/light installation you'd see in a museum when the light is on.

Calabarte ships worldwide. To learn/see more, go to the Calabarte Facebook page: facebook.com/calabarte