Friday, June 3, 2011

Polished Bags From Designer Bryna Nicole

It's no wonder that the bags designed by Bryna Nicole look so amazingly well-made. She's a former stylist and consultant.

Bryna is based in San Francisco and likes to combine the sophistication of uptown with downtown's creativity.

Here's her design philosophy:
"... to create a stylish handbag collection that portrays the mood of the woman carrying the bag. This mood can be confident and strong, innocent or playful - it is always a little funky and somewhat functional. The woman that I design for has a strong personal style and is fashionable and worldly."

Her bags look aged; from some earlier era. Yet there's a hint of funkiness along with an ageless quality that makes me think of these bags more like collectables.

The collections are available online and in select boutiques. To shop online or get more info, go to Bryna.