Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Caring for Your Investments with The Laundress

Buying quality, well-made fashion is not cheap.  It's an investment in you.

Really, do you invest in a great piece only to be afraid you'll ( or your dry cleaner) ruin it as soon as you wear it?

Well, I've had my experience with clothing damaged by a dry cleaner and avoiding white tops out of a fear of stains and the top getting dingy after wearing it several times.

I have been using the Laundress products for a few months (at my own expense - this is not sponsored) and have had great success with their products and tips.

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Perhaps you already know about the dynamic cleaning duo of Lindsey Wieber Boyd and Gwen Whiting (co-founders of The Laundress).  Here is my review:

I've used the stain remover, the all-purpose bleach and whites detergent to revive my white tops. I've also restored a Tahari rayon/polly blend suit that was stained by two dry cleaners (the second cleaner obviously didn't restore the suit from the first one's damage) years ago.

I'll admit, using a steamer (they recommend  steaming wool, suiting, silk, etc. while the garments are still wet) is work, but the gratification of great results makes it worth the time. I want my clothes to last until I'm ready to discard them. 

Their concentrated cleaning products are eco-friendly ... biodegradable and contain essential oils instead of chemical fragrances.  The scents also have not aggravated my uber-sensitive skin.