Monday, April 11, 2011

My Almost Fashion Obsession

I decided to browse my favorite sites to see what was out there this weekend.  My heart stopped for a second when I saw this bag.

It was perfect ... sophisticated, yet creatively unusual. Yep, I must repeat. It was perfect. I instantly fell in love but walked away.  I recently bought a bag and how practical was this.  Could I justify the purchase?  Would I really use it? Did it fit my cost-per-use model to rationalize (or walk away from) a purchase.

The answer was no. The handle that was soo appealing, was thin (and wrapped around metal) ... It would cut into the hand even if I could possibly reduce the contents to just one item (as if I could limit myself to carrying just one thing in my bag).

But the funky look of it tugged at my heart.  So I returned to the site two more times.

Fate stepped in ... it was sold out.  I was a little sad (I know the rules of the game; "You snooze, you lose."), but I was being fiscally responsible ... I also had my eye on other things (I just sent you a wink).

I had to share this temptation - My eyes still zoom  in on this picture coveting it like, I imagine, the mouth of a chocolate addict waters on seeing the richest piece of fine Belgium chocolate.