Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Latest in Fashion

H&M’s Fashion Against Aids Raising Awareness & Using Unisex Styles

Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) is high on H&M's "To Do" list. This year the collection comes with a new twist.

The FAA project is a campaign designed to raise both funds and awareness. So far, it has donated over 41 million Swedish Krona for Designers Against AIDS (DAA) and various other international HIV/AIDS projects. Because the HIV/AIDS message is as important for young women as much as it is for young men, the sporty unisex collection is for everyone to wear in their own way. The collection is available in H&M’s Divided department from 26th April. For each purchase of an FAA style, 25% of the sale will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS projects around the world.

H&M's project has celebrity backing including Selma Blair, Keri Hilson and Penn Bagdley.