Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Seems Fashion is in Fashion

There have been a lot of new waves of trends in television ...soaps, talk shows, prime time, game, cooking, celebrity shows, housewives & girl shows (Girls Next Door, Bad Girls, etc.), home design & real estate, and, of course reality.  Will fashion evolve from a sub-category of reality into it's own category?

If the influx of upcoming fashion shows is any indicator, it will. Perhaps Sex & the City & The Devil Wears Prada had a larger affect than we originally thought. Look at the list:

  • Project Runway
  • Running in Heels
  • The Fashion Project
  • Kell on Earth
  • The Rachel Zoe Project - and baby makes three ... Go Rachel!
  • I must follow Rachel with Brad's new Bravo show,  New It's a Brad, Brad World
  • Lauren Conrad's show
  • The Fashion Show
  • The Pan-African show Stylogenic
  • India's Let's Design
  • New The Fashion Star - Elle Mc Pherson's new project with NBC - there's been buzz about a designer casting call
  • There's even an online fashion reality show called, "So You Wanna be a Designer"
  • New  The Annabel Tollman Project - her background includes being a fashion director at Interview

I'm a little exhausted just listing all of these shows.  It's quite plain to see fashion is already its own category. As in real life, it always is.

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