Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Look at the Designers in the 'A La Mode' Catwalk Show - Part One

'A La Mode' International showcase, hosted by UK event management firm, La Geneve North Events, features shows from emerging designers annually in February and September.

Below is a look at the three of the designers:


What drew you to fashion?
Weirdly, I’ve been thinking fashion is just me since childhood. It is kind of my responsibility and what is the most important thing is that it brings me the moments the most alive and happy in my heart. Following the success at the prestigious London College of Fashion press show, I am returning to London for my debut at London Fashion Week with the label, MAJINJOO.

My designs have attracted a lot of press and I have received many proposals from stylists and photographers, but I think that it is more crucial for people to relate to my designs because I am a designer who makes people feel desire to wear mine. So, it would be the very first step to work out my signature design and how to communicate with customers.

What's your favorite material(s)?

Materials change what they are used for and it is fascinating as I can experiment with them and get unexpected result. And the making big contrast between the texture and materials is my favorite work. I have made the fabric covering with plastic on the surface of the wrinkled leather for the last collection and I’ve been using a sparkling stone powdered fabric with different thickness.

What/who inspires you?
I always try to get inspiration from anywhere and anything. But it seems to be a much more powerful effect on design when I experience an unexpected situation, for example, I have stumbled upon unique pleats in crumpled tissue paper in a trash basket.

What I have been impressed by lately is the people in Elliot Erwitt and Charles Freger’s photographs. It is enjoyable work for me to combine images from the outside with my imagination.

Tilda Swinton and Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg inspire me. Both of them are actresses who I have loved for a long time and are my muses. They are born to be elegant and humorous at the same time. She doesn’t wear too many trends but knows what the chic is. And the most essential thing is that they are wise with a truly sweet heart.

What five words would you use to describe your collection?
It is feminine, chic, cool and dignified humour

Vjera Vilicnik

What drew you to fashion?
My dad is a carpenter and my grandmother a croche needle expert, and since young age I was surrounded with creativity and I found fashion as my own outlet to express my emotions, to tell those little stories that inspire me.

Fashion is not just clothes, for me its a way to connect, to whisper and to shout.

What's your favourite material?
I have a very passionate relationship with silk. We love each other, we hate each other.

The balance keeps shifting. Silk understand if you are gentle, if you are raw, and reacts to your touch.

But I am also in love with ribbons, crystals, pallets and feathers. All my embellishing ingredients.

What/who inspires you?
Surrounding that in some way catch my imagination.

I have to be emotionally involved with the theme, with what pushes the collection forward in order to fully dedicate myself to the story.

Every collection is a love story, a poem, not written, but created, and each collection is handed out to the public as a bit of me. Every season I fall in love with a muse,song,colour or shape, and the collection tells the story of my relationship with the inspiration from wonderful beginning, through raw passion, to the saddest end.

I create for a muse, for a real woman, and when my sister is happy wearing my designs, that is the biggest achievement.

What five words would you use to describe your collection?
lovingly hand-made, fragile, wearable, soft, long-lasting

Gloria Wavamunno

What drew you to fashion?
I believe it defiantly started with my mum and aunts, they own a tailoring company in Uganda and growing up, rather than playing outside, I would go with my mum to the factories and go through the fabrics and watch them create these garments.

I would also sit with my mum in the mornings and watch her get dressed, she had and has a amazing eye for what she dresses herself in and I found myself falling in love with clothes, how they expressed someone's character and could make someone feel about themselves.

What's your favorite material(s)?
This is a hard question to answer, because there are different levels to how I love materials. From the texture with some to the color and then the pattern, and sometimes of all that in one. But at this moment African materials have my attention, which are mainly in cotton. Their colors and patterns on the fabrics seem to always have a story which fascinates me.

What/who inspires you?
This may sound cliche but the women in my family inspire me. My mother the most, because they are strong women, who through many obstacles stand firm in who they are. They are the women I make my clothes for. The individual woman, who is just that individual. She wears what she wears for herself, to express herself, not because she has to or is told to, or is expected to. She feels beautiful, no matter what.

What five words would you use to describe your collection?
Not a Dream, my soulmate

February's 'A La Mode" will take place on 18-19 February. For more info, or to purchase a ticket, go to: Tickets.