Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'A La Mode' Designer Profile: Belinda Liu (Series vol. 8)

What words would I use to describe Belinda Liu designs?  Eclectic, edgy feminism ... Sexy with a sense of independence and power.  Am I right?  Take a  look at what Belinda says:

How did you get into fashion?
In a certain way [I] have always been preoccupied with fashion. At most events I was attending I felt the need to have the appearance to live up to my own perception of that event. While on some occasion I felt like playing the role of innocent lolita, at the other I was the "depraved". And there have been quite some occasions to attend to in my earlier years. But I could not always procure the proper outfit. Not the way I really meant them to be. Since I was never afraid of using scissors on fabrics and I always felt the need to adapt and adjust clothing I soon started to make outfits for myself. To suit some special occasion. I liked doing it, people around me liked the result and then I started to think of doing it for others. While observing others, I disliked many outfits on peers, particularly young women, I hated widely used trends of my generation and I was sure I could easily make women look better.

Did you go to school for training?
No. My mother is a painter. I myself have drawing skills. When I got into fashion I was obsessed to learn everything there was to it. At the same time, I started doing fashion design professionally and then I already found myself running not necessary a business but a fashion label. Most fashion schools available to me had a rather formalistic and theoretical approach that I rejected.

What do you do for inspiration? How do you get inspired to create a collection?
A collection is a concept about women. And women have a lot to express. I can be inspired from probably anything. Mostly sex. Or something related to it. I need to get the expression of sexuality in every collection. This is my personal imprint over garments and generally, in everything I do or create.

Do you prefer certain materials?
No. It depends on the collection. Sometimes I create an outfit starting from a specific material. Sometimes I have a concept and I need to find the adequate materials. One rule in respect of materials is always constant though: I never compromise on the quality of materials. If it needs to be rich then it shall be rich.

Who do you design for? Is it a specific person or a type of person?
Both. A collection is designated for a type of woman. Mostly a sexual powerful women. I can of course create a concept for a specific person. To suit an occasion, a season, a personality, an emotion.

For more information, go to: Belinda Liu

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