Monday, August 9, 2010

'A La Mode' Designer Profile: Nikolo Bertok (Series vol. 4)

Nikolo Bertok is something special in the making.  He moved to London to study fashion. His graduate fashion show, at Middlesex University, will take place this academic year.  Bertok uses ecological and environment-friendly materials in his designs.

Here's what Nikolo has to say:

How did you get into fashion?
I started as a sales assistant in a shop of fine fabrics when I was 15, and so I embarked on a path in fashion very quickly. I did a lot of typical assistant- running duties for designers and companies as you could see in the popular movie The Devil Wears Prada.

Then I decided to become a designer in my own right when I was 16-17. I said to myself  that I got amazing experience just in one year and met a lot of interesting people and designers from around the world as for example Jean Claude Jitrois in 2007 and his collection which I saw backstage and found truly inspiring.

My mother always dreamed of becoming a Fashion Designer, but she didn´t. So in a way I am making her dreams come true for myself.

Did you go to school for training?
I did [a] degree in Arts and I am now finishing my second degree in Fashion at MDX University.

What do you do for inspiration?  How do you get inspired to create a collection?
This is very personal for me doing a collection. I get inspired by emotions and experiences in my daily life. Trying to be a bit different from other designers. I would like to be part of the process of moving the fashion into a new futuristic aspect.

Do you prefer certain materials?
Organic materials are the finest, but I use PVC to create an astonishing look too. The combination of them both leads to the winning result.

Who do you design for ... Is it a specific person or a type of person?
My designs are for people who are not afraid to show their real and strong personality. People who want to feel different and special, to discover the undiscovered and be always a step ahead of others.

Nikolo Bertok will be presented in the next 'A La Mode' International Fashion Showcase, during London Fashion Week.  To learn more about Nikolo, go to: Nikolo Bertok

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