Thursday, August 19, 2010

'A La Mode' Designer Profile: Flik Hall (Series vol. 5)

Within a year after attending Central Saint Martins, Designer Flick Hall started her own label.  She uses it as a vehicle to express her love of print design and contrast.

Here is a look at designer Flick Hall:

How did you get into fashion?
My initial love for fashion design was cemented at a young age, where I found the idea that “you could be any one you wanted to be” and tailor your dress sense accordingly quite propelling. I think that loving fashion is more of a way of life, whether you choose it or not it sometimes finds you.

Did you go to school for training?
I went Central Saint Martin’s, but I would say working in the industry yourself is the best training you can get.

What do you do for inspiration? How do you get inspired to create a collection?
Inspiration is everywhere, a blank wall or an intricate pattern, a forgotten object that bears a story...
I find the complexities of human nature and general occurrences in everyday life unearth the most interesting ideas for me.

Do you prefer certain materials?
I’m obsessed with texture and the illusion of texture. I love fabrics such as Leather, Raffia, course wools, Mohair. Having a background in print design I am fixated by prints that create three dimensional illusions and capture the eye in a way that you feel you want to reach out and touch the image when it is in front of you.

Who do you design for ... Is it a specific person or a type of person?
I design clothes for strong and elegant women who aren’t afraid to wear bold pieces. I want her to feel confident and powerful in my clothing, and keep my pieces in her wardrobe for years to come.

Flik Hall will be presented in the next 'A La Mode' International Fashion Showcase, during London Fashion Week. To learn more about Flik Hall, go to: Flik Hall

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