Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'A La Mode' Designer Profile: ZMode (Series vol. 3)

Z-Mode is the label by Lithuanian-born designer Victoria Rangayah.  Rangayah studied fashion in South Africa and fell in love with the country, people and culture, which she says definitely inspires her.

I would say that Z-Mode's style is pretty, delicate and lady-like with a contemporary touch.
"What sets us apart from our competitors is our interesting mix of menswear suiting fabrics combined together with feminine fabrics such [as] silks and chiffons. We love to contrast masculine and feminine details, which gives our garments it’s creative edge."
Here's what Victoria says about herself and Z-Mode:

How did you get into fashion?
My mother’s old clothes were my first point of inspiration to become a fashion designer. After cutting up few of her dresses and later on few of my husband’s shirts I have decided that it’s time to study fashion.

Did you go to school for training?
I have studied fashion design for 3 years at LISOF (London School of Fashion South Africa)

What do you do for inspiration? How do you get inspired to create a collection?
Having spent 5 years in Africa, this culture rich continent is still my first point of inspiration. I also love art and find it very inspiring. Sometimes the colour or the shape of abstract art can trigger my 'creative genius in me'. I also look for inspiration in unusual places like old buildings or even African squatter camps are great for inspiration!

Do you prefer certain materials?
I absolutely love men’s suiting fabrics; I get so excited walking in menswear section in department stores and try to imagine how these fabrics would work in my designs. I love mixing different textures and different fabrics, although silk fabric is still my favorite of all!

Who do you design for ... Is it a specific person or a type of person?
Z-Mode clothes are targeted to over 25 years old customers; however we do have styles that can be suitable to younger girls too.  Strong minded, confident, sophisticated - those are the characteristics of Z-Mode customer.

Z-Mode will be presented in the next 'A La Mode' International Fashion Showcase, during London Fashion Week. To learn more about Z-Mode, go to:  Z-Mode

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