Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sex and The City 2 Mania

A marathon of the "for TV" Sex and the City shows was on TBS Saturday ... of course, even with editing, it was still for mature audiences and started at 9pm.  The fabulous premiere and after party was last night.

photo courtesy InStyle.com
You can find something about the movie on any hot site these days ... For example, InStyle has mulitple photos of the stars in designer dresses (for the premier and after party) plus a quiz to see which character you are.

I admit I was very surprised to discover I fit Carrie ... I preferred Miranda's style in the first movie - but still love Samantha's "This is who I am, and if you don't like it ..." brassiness.

I'm just reflecting on how much this show and both movies have affected our culture.  It's equivalent to the Oscars ... Just like Halle Berry made Elie Saab a household name, Manolo Blanik can easily trip off the tongue of any fashionista or "wannabe".

This cult favorite has inspired many to go fab and nurture their inner diva whether going for drinks, hanging out at the local pool or even to the movies - just think about how many dressed up to go to the first movie's opening.

I always loved Carrie's closet - I've been on a mission to have a closet full of things I love to wear and purge the space-wasters. But I admit I didn't limit it to the closet.  I added two ceiling-to-floor racks - for more of a designer's/retailer's creative studio feel ... incorporating my clothing as part of my decor (This seemed natural as I love the idea of creative expression in fashion and decor.).

Sex and the City is a movement.  It's a force to rival Barbie ... Everyone is trying to buy in on the action, from Macy's to gyms.