Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I created Fashion Steals to share my love of fashion.  I honestly, also thought posting about sales would curb my addiction to shopping ... sort of my own self-prescribed 12-step program.  That didn't really work out - I'm still a shopaholic.

For a beautiful, well-made piece of clothing, bag or pair of buttery-soft shoes, I have, on rare occasions, pushed back a scheduled bill payment (I luckily have a habit of paying bills before playing with the budget - which has translated, in mind-blowing moments of fashion temptation, into PBJ sandwiches for lunch until the next check).

I've just had to grow up more ... setting (and adhering to) limits on spending plus having conversations with myself, on being responsible and, more importantly, the beauty of not being a slave to a paycheck.

I decided to expand the focus of Fashion Steals to feature not only the unusual designer sales, but to also celebrate the beauty of well-made craftsmanship from emerging and established designers.  I'm just an art lover, with an intense focus on wearable art.

Below, are some of my fantasy purchases (I still share):

Giles Cashmere Sweater - at

And my all-time favorite purchases:
 Versace Glassware, Rick Owens Jacket & Louis Vuitton Small Vernis Agenda: