Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Designers Whose Designs I Keep Thinking About

Haider Ackermann

I saw this designer's collection for the first time this season and know I'll look for his work every season going forward.  I'd say his style is "Elegant Rocker".  His technique is more architectural, yet very wearable.  Although the styles are very detailed, they still look comfortable.

Pedro Lourenco

The designs are complex and very edgy.  I love the gleam of the very structured, yet soft-looking rich, luxe leather.  This is true craftsmanship.

Chado Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci stepped away from his norm to make this collection a little less couture.  His work still has my devoted loyalty.  I've loved his work since I first saw him on the show, "Behind the Velvet Ropes", with Lauren Ezersky.   I'm still enraptured with his beautiful creations.

Donna Karan

I just keep saying WOW the more I look at this collection.  It's sexy, dark, sophisticated ... just beautiful.  Donna not only demonstrates her skills with amazing technique, but also mouth-watering luxe materials and sexy draping.  I LOVED this collection ... It was a struggle to decide which pictures to post.  Go Donna!!

photos from style.com