Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Temptations

I have always readily admitted that I am a shopaholic. I can easily find joy in shopping for coffee makers, furniture, socks and stocks. However, my true shopping love is fashion, perhaps closely followed by interior decor.

I often see tempting styles on various sites. The latest temptations I found seemed ridiculously bountiful. I had to talk myself down from the ledge (the ledge of the busted budget cliff) several times. I am sharing my temptations with you.

The Claudio Orciani nappa, elbow-length gloves (from Yoox) were calling to me, whispering "Come on, you know you want me." in my ear and tugging at my heart. I love the sophisticated look of long gloves with 3/4-sleeve pieces. As an added bonus, the ruffle trim provided the perfect delicate, lady-like edginess.

I instantly visualized the ensemble paired with a flowing, full top and jeans, a menswear shirt and pencil skirt, or a sheath dress.

The gray wrap, sleeveless, one-button sweater will look great with layered over another sweater, tees or dresses.