Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tasty Treats

Ice Anyone?

Had enough indulgence from the holidays? Never! Here's a treat for the eyes ... A tasty little something from Tiffany's - A First Look at their new 2010 collection - Dreaming of Spring. Now this is the kind of ice I like!

A Touch of Military

Here's a new way to add a hint of military to your look without the major investment in military-style jackets.

Babette Epaulette is a neo-concept accessories line worn on the rise of the shoulder and harnessed around the upper torso. I can envision these worn with jackets, tees, dresses, tunics, etc.

Babette Epaulette collections are titled "Tattoos and Stilettos," Cigarettes and Eyeliner", and "Harlots and Scarlets." The lines are reminiscent of the wild streets of Paris at nightfall as these pieces contain the essence of Moulin Rouge.

Below is footage from a photoshoot.

For more info, go to: Babette Epaulette

Treats from Armani

Armani has released tasty Armani/Dolci just in time for Valentine's Day.

Read more about this sweet at: True Luxe