Monday, December 14, 2009

Cyber Monday: Is It Real or An Urban Legend?

There was quite a bit of hype circulating about Cyber Monday; the Monday for online sales after Black Friday ... basically an online extension of the walk-in sales. However, the audience has changed along with their shopping habits.

As the number of consumers with computers and internet access grows, more shoppers are becoming smarter about the advantages of online shopping. Why should anyone wait for the Cyber Monday of old when there were plenty of specials at online retailers as well as sample sale sites?

The well-known sample sites all had final sales, with deeper discounts in October and November. There were plenty of options to find gifts for others and yourself (My mantra is get what you want for yourself-everything else is gravy ... then you're never disappointed and it's easier to fake loving the gift you'd never want.).

Saks offered up to 60% off sale items Thanksgiving through Saturday, the 28th. Thanks to a little birdie, I learned that QVC offered extended Easy Pay (five payments) to select customers through January (I guess that's their version of a layaway special.).

So is Cyber Monday a myth? I think it's more accurate to say it's evolved, directly affected by the increase of online sites and sales, into a cyber holiday shopping season.