Friday, November 6, 2009

My Latest Bargain Shopping Fix

I was recently on a serious necklace binge. The typical necklace on a simple chain is nice, but I prefer the unusual, chunkier versions.

I wanted to find unique, standouts by the lesser-known, "under the radar" designers.

Here are my latest finds from Etsy.

Did I say I went on a binge? Here's the first of my Etsy fixes. The buttons necklace redone. This cutie arrived just yesterday from seller LandAndLaboratory, and I immediately put it on. The different button textures in black, gray and silver add a funky yet elegant touch to any crew neck sweater or tee. I loved it so much I order another one in different color. Oh! I almost forgot to include the wonderful price; only $15.

Here is the necklace that started it all. It was so different and striking, I literally said "ooooh" when I saw it. I imagined wearing it with my Marc Jacobs black cotton shirt-tunic that hangs off the shoulder, fine sweaters, tees, sweater and jersey dresses.

It's a long cascade, an 11” hand-dyed leather chainette fringe of black to grey shades over nude. It includes a black leather strap neck closure, with an additional brass chain for adjusting. All for just $36 from Three Horses.

Lastly, I bought the elegant, vintage-looking Double Melanie tie-back necklace. It's a total of 40", the shorter chain will fall about 2" from the neckline while the longer chain will fall about 3". It contains olivine faceted glass rounds and a jasper coin. The chain is gold-plated brass. The adjustable cotton, brown tie-back is a soft twill tape/ribbon.

This beauty was just $22, from Binnie Designs.