Monday, May 4, 2009

Hot New Retail Source for Great Pieces from Emerging Designers

Nolcha Retail Space, the retail store designed to present the creative works of emerging designers, has opened it's doors at 238 Mulberry in NYC's hot Nolita shopping district.
"We wanted classic with an edge. Flirty little jewelry items that go with a cocktail dress, handbags that belong on Page Six and unisex items for the busy world of commuters. The idea that there is something for everyone and that the only trend we follow is really quality goods done with unique finishings has become something that I am proud of. Instead of following editor’s picks, we are picking what editors should follow,” said Lynn Furge, Creative Director of Nolcha.
The store houses eleven young accessories designers. The designer list: Accessories by Joann, Anthracite, Ana Gutierrez, BettyLou Jewels, Castaways Design, Gida Bavari, Luis Steven, Marijoli, Ms. Bodangles, Nuvula and Passchal.

Nolcha Retail has already become the "go to" space for editorial stylists ... the store received requests for photo shoot pulls days before it even opened.

“Opening a retail space in Manhattan is a positive sign for Nolcha’s growth as we continue to listen and provide to the needs of emerging fashion designers. It is exciting for many of them to be selling in a prime New York City Hotspot!” states Kerry Bannigan, CEO Nolcha.

Nolcha's goal was to make this store the home to the emerging designer ... not only to display pieces for sale, but also to facilitate meetings and trunk shows, and showcase the designers' works for the passing editor or buyer that happens to stop in for inspiration.

Nolcha hasn't forgotten the online shopper ... The online store will launch soon. Stay tuned for updates :-)

For more information on Nolcha, go to: Nolcha