Saturday, April 4, 2009

Focus on Designer Lukasz Jemiol

Designer Lukasz Jemiol has won a good amount of awards for his beautiful work: The Gold Thread, the Oscars of Fashion de Luxe pret-a-porter, Folk Fashion, ASP Project; A scholarship for two consecutive years from the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage for his outstanding artistic achievements in fashion.

He designs clothes for well-known designers, artists or journalists; his apparel appears in fashion magazines, such as ELLE, Twój Styl, Pani, Fashion Magazine, Zwierciadło, Exklusiv, Wysokie Obcasy, Szafa, Glamour, Gala, Wprost, Boutique, Piąta Aleja and TV channels such as Fashion TV, TVP (e.g. Europa da się lubić) and TVN.

I'd say Luka's work is a study in elegant, sophisticated and very wearable fashion. Upon viewing his creations, my eyes widened, my heart quickened and I stopped breathing for a second. My brain only registered a long, exaggerated "Ooooooooh!"

The tailoring, drape and rich colors encourage dreams of a fantasy lifestyle and wanderlust.

Luka's collections, awards and shows:

2005 – 'Permeation' Collection
– individual fashion show – Lodz
– show for YKK – Warsaw

2005/06 – 'Scandinavia' Collection
– 1st place winner in Folk Fashion Contest
– 'Project 2005' main award and sponsors' distinctions
– guest show at the French Days in Poland – Lodz
– 'The Gold Thread' – the main prize and in the pret-a-porter category and a distinction of the Media Jury
– guest show at 2006 Presentations – Lodz
– show at Manufaktura Fashion Week – Lodz
– The Oscars of Fashion de Lux pret-a-porter – the Oscar of Fashion award
– 'Scandinavia' calendar

2007 – Spring/Summer 2007 'Over' Women Collection
– guest show at '2006 Diploma Show' of prof. Barbara Hanuszkiewicz – Lodz
– collection presentation at Polonaise Creature project in Paris
– showcase of 'Over' collection photographs at Multibank Gallery –Warsaw

2007/2008 – Autumn/Winter 'Moon' Women Collection
– collection presentation at Polonaise Creature project in Paris
– special guest collection presentation at the Oscars of Fashion –
Hilton Hotel – Warsaw
– 'Moon' calendar

To visit Luka's site, go to: Lukasz Jemiol