Sunday, April 26, 2009

Designer Label to Watch: e.g... made in London

e.g... is the brainchild of designer Emma Griffiths. Her style is highly tailored, edgy luxe - you'll definitely see the influence of the world-renowned designers she's worked with ... none other than Alexander McQueen and Boudicca.

e.g... is designed for the strong and confident.

"... the empowered woman with a split personality; a tough tomboy with a youthful girly look.

Heavily influenced by 80s style icons such as Grace Jones and Joan Collins the collection explores the contradiction of structured shapes and stylish sophistication to create luxurious designs with strong, powerful silhouettes."
Whatever the influence, I'm definitely loving these funky, luxurious designs. They're perfect for adding that something extra to your wardrobe ... that gives your look its own personal stamp.

To view more of the e.g... collection or shop online go to:

Visit the e.g... website