Monday, March 2, 2009

Profile of Designer: Anavaa Kisasa Bags

Anavaa Kisasa is a fashion accessory line that specializes in handbags. Starting out as an image consultant, Zulema channeled her creativity and eye for detail into dressing artists for music videos.

She soon honed in on designing handbags after becoming increasingly frustrated with the growing trend of high-priced bags made from inferior materials.

A New York girl at heart, Zulema is savvy, stylish and resourceful. A self professed accessories junkie, she designed AK with her own style needs in mind. AK bags are made from high quality Italian leathers and produced in small quantities – a feature that enables each bag to be given special care and attention.
“A handbag is more than an accessory, it’s an extension of you,” says the designer. "What you wear speaks volumes even when you aren’t saying a word. An AK woman is stylish and distinctive. She is anything but ordinary and always stands out in a crowd. She lives freely, she loves fearlessly, and she dresses in fashion."

Zulema showcased her Divaluxe Collection at Nolcha | London Fashion Week ... which presents emerging and independent designers (visit Nolcha Fashion Week for more information).

To view more of the collection, go to: View The Divaluxe Collection