Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Look at Two Designers' Handmade Creations Part 2

Erika Hendrix

Erika Bates is the founder and designer of Erika Hendrix, an emerging clothing label that designs and produces handmade, sweatshop-free clothing and accessories for women. These pieces are elegant and sophisticated with an edgy urban touch ... I'm hooked and plan to make a purchase soon.

The business (which Erika started in 2005) has evolved from creating exclusive, custom made, one-of-a-kind-pieces into a structured and formidable business and store (in Mannheim, Germany). At the same time, purchasers are still treated to fashionable, exclusive and handmade creations.

Handmade items created by Erika Hendrix have a turn around time of approximately two weeks, depending on the order size.

This year's 2009 Spring/Summer Collection, An Urban Romance is for women who want distinctly empowering, yet feminine, clothing.

"This collection, as with previous Erika Hendrix creations, is made out of approximately 95% sustainable fabrics, including cotton and linen and is prepared to help women make a statement through their choice of dress.

It is the not quantity of the items you have which define you and your wardrobe, but the quality. An Urban Romance is affordable, especially considering the limited quantity and exclusivity of the line, and patrons are rewarded with inimitable clothing, which means ensembles are not easily replicated, breaking many women free from cookie-cutter styling! Indulge in individuality and a desire to dream with An Urban Romance."

Erika will also introduce a bag/purse line, as well as a jewelry line, in May/June 2009.

To shop and see Erika Hendrix's collection, go to: Shop Erika Hendrix