Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Look at Two Designers' Handmade Creations Part 1

Designs that are handmade creations; that's not the norm these days (except in the haute couture world). Well, I was lucky enough to stumble upon two designers who create beautiful, handmade pieces ... Of course I want to share:

Design By Nihan

Nihan Altuntas is a 27 year old knitwear designer from Turkey. Her passion for creating and design started when she was young ... her favorite toys were carton boxes, yarns, pieces of cloth and all kinds of paints. As she grew older, she discovered an attraction to famous designers and visuals arts. Nihan started on her design path by converting jeans into bags and painting her canvas shoes ... her family was very supportive.

She majored in cinema studies, with a minor in marketing. It was in college that Nihan started expressing herself with knitwear.
"I never liked pattern books or reproducing brand sweaters. I would design authentic knitwear by improvising with needles, sometimes not even knowing what the result would be. So I’ve realized that crafting was my lifelong passion. The appreciation and approval for all of that hard work is the basis of my motivation to improve myself in this field.

I’m inspired by almost everything, even a simple button. I can suddenly decide to knit a sweater suitable for that button. My favorite material is cashmere, but the most important thing is to be able to discover the perfect match of the yarn and the pattern."
You can purchase Nihan's pieces at her Esty shop (she offers free international shipping via registered mail). Her work is truly beautiful and timeless. Each item is created totally uniquely for the owner; customers can choose the color and material.

To shop, go to: Designs by Nihan