Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amaka Group - London Designers Extraordinaire

Amaka Group

This hot design group is comprised of three independent designers ... Amaka, Eva Evanovich & Maan.

Amaka's style is more edgy, as shown in the first three pictures. Think career pieces, meet club gear - all in one funky and convenient look.

Eva Evanovich designs were shown during London Fashion Week, at one of the Nolcha-hosted events. Her designs use rich fabrics and sophisticated silhouettes that are combined creatively with feminine, almost girlish touches. I get a sense of Alice in Wonderland meets Jackie O. See the next set of pictures (the two above pictures).

Maan's style is more on the creative, functional yet playful sportswear side. The designs look great for weekends, running errands or just escaping. It seams to call to the dreamer within who wants to remember the joy of just being.

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Amaka Group

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