Next Level Styling is...

...adding your own creative expression to your style and fine-tuning yourself to the best possible you. It could be how you put together an outfit or customize a piece to put your own personal stamp on it. It celebrates and reflects your unique individuality.

I like to use the marketing acronym USP (Unique Selling Position) ...It's a term for what qualities or features make you stand apart from others.

Trends or what's in style are not part of the equation. It's about what you like, what flatters and works for you to help you be your best, most confident you.

About My Deconstructed & Reworked Projects

My rework projects started in college. I jazzed up a pair of jeans with ink drawings (I was bored in a class), then tried using splashes of bleach to create other effects.

I later developed a love for deconstructing and reworking pieces that I purchased but rarely (or never) wore. I like to call them my Bermuda Triangle Pieces (the items that were forgotten and lost in the back of the closet/drawer).

I experiment often, using my creative vision (a skill I tapped into often for marketing projects) and trial & error ... My approach is that I already had purchased my items. Why not add my own "flavor" so that I can get my money's worth out of them?

I'm not a skilled designer or seamstress. I'm a brainstormer who taught myself the basics of sewing via an eBook and YouTube videos. I occasionally make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes come out better than my original vision. The key is that I trust myself and am open to creative experimentation (I use the same approach when making my face/hair/body products.).

My deconstructed and reworked projects have quickly become a creative outlet ... where I can test my creative limits. Seeing the final results of my vision truly gives me joy.