About Me:

I am Yolanda Keil. I'm a blogger and a freelance social media & market strategist. I am also a former shopaholic who loves the beauty of creativity...which is often displayed in fashion and culture. I started blogging as a way to combine my love of artistic craftsmanship with my image consulting and marketing background.

About Fashion & True Style:

Sometimes I am drawn to fabulous pieces. More importantly, I am always drawn to fabulously creative workmanship. This blog is where I celebrate the Next Level of Creativity via My Deconstructed & Reworked Fashion, Fringed Jewels and Fab Finds.

My posts reach those who take action; the shopper/influencer with disposable income. My finds tend to sell out.

A Few Examples:

My deconstructed and reworked projects started with shopping my closet ... I convert rarely/never-worn designer styles into fab pieces that I love and can’t wait to wear. I even challenged myself to create an eclectic, up-cycled wardrobe without buying any new clothes for one year.

A few of my Deconstructed & Reworked projects

More project examples (top Google search results)

Fringed Jewels 

I have also developed a deep love of experimenting with my hand-crafted jewelry and accessories...hence the birth of Fringed Jewels.

A few of my reworked accessories 

They say you are the first things you think of when you wake. I think of:
  • Creative, dynamic craftsmanship in fashion, art and interiors.
  • Reworking my rarely/never-worn past purchases ... Adding my distinct next level style ... Turning those pieces into funky items that celebrate my true, individual style.
  • Doing my planned activities to be my best me and give my best to my clients.  
  • Making sure I share my discoveries via my blog.

I believe that we all want a little glam in our daily lives...

...It's all about the details

Global Influences ...

I studied for a semester in France and never quite recovered from the experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to see things beyond my little world. And I haven't stopped exploring since.

I strongly believe that knowledge & exposure to other cultures/influences enhances one's lifestyle, confidence and sophistication.

My Fab Finds...

I have an eye for unique, covetable items ... The beautiful works of creativity that are sophisticated, fresh and a little edgy.

My followers look to my blog for inspiration, ideas and fresh, unique techniques in fashion and style.

My product/designer reviews are just that ... my reviews, which are always my opinions in my own words. Occasionally, I feature sponsored reviews (via free product and/or link fees). Sponsored reviews will include a referral link, to the website, at the end. 

Please email me at contact@fashionnts.com if you are interested in:
  1. Sponsoring a review.
  2. Hiring me to develop/update your social media strategy and website content